Is The Cleaning Industry Growing In Canada?

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The pandemic has brought about significant changes in the world, including the cleaning industry in Canada. Sanitation and cleanliness have become vital in preventing the spread of the virus. At present, businesses around the country struggle to maintain a clean and healthy environment for their employees and customers. The cleaning industry is always a necessity, but the current situation proves its importance. With that in mind, is the cleaning industry in Canada growing despite the pandemic?

How Many Companies Use Commercial Cleaning Services

The cleaning industry is forecasted to grow in Canada over the next few years. According to IBIS World, the Cleaning Services industry in Canada is set to experience growth of 2.9% in 2021 alone. The primary driver of this growth would be increased demand for commercial cleaning services, particularly in commercial buildings and offices. Another factor is the current attention Canada has put on hygiene awareness amid the pandemic.

During the pandemic, many businesses have realized their need for cleaning services. The lockdown and decreased operations of offices resulted in higher demand for deep cleaning services. In contrast, businesses like hospitals, supermarkets, and essential services required intense commercial cleaning services to maintain the high volume of people going in and out of their facilities. These cleaning needs created more job opportunities, leading to more growth within the cleaning industry.

In contrast, residential cleaning services has seen a downturn in the market. Less income and increased safety measures have caused many households to cut back on their spending, including residential cleaning services. Although there is a decline in the demand for residential cleaning services, businesses of this nature continue to grow because of their shift into using eco-friendly or green cleaning products.

Businesses Need COVID-19 Cleaning

Companies rely on cleaning services for a multitude of reasons. Most importantly, cleanliness ensures the health and safety of employees and customers. A clean workspace reduces the spread of disease, thereby reducing sick days and improving productivity. This need has been highlighted during the pandemic, where proper sanitation is vital to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, a clean and tidy environment enhances the company’s image. First impressions matter and the cleanliness of a workspace can reflect on the company’s overall image and professionalism. It is also advantageous for businesses to outsource cleaning services as it allows them to focus on their core operations, without having to worry about the maintenance and cleanliness of their workspace.

Furthermore, specialized businesses like healthcare facilities, restaurants, and schools have very specific cleaning needs that require professional expertise and adherence to strict regulations. For such establishments, professional cleaning services aren’t just a choice, but a necessity.

Finally, commercial cleaning companies often have access to high-grade, eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment that might not be readily available to individual businesses. This allows for more effective cleaning, often in less time, further supporting the case for companies to utilize commercial cleaning services.

The Canadian government has invested in COVID-19 cleaning procedures to ensure the safety of citizens. The Standards Council of Canada has introduced a new cleaning and decontamination standard in response to the pandemic. The standard includes best practices for cleaning, disinfecting, and decontamination in facilities that underwent a virus outbreak. This standard provides guidance for cleaning companies to achieve a safer and healthier environment.

Overall, the pandemic creates both a positive and negative impact on the cleaning industry in Canada. Whether you are in London, Windsor, Ottawa, Toronto, or another city in Canada. While residential cleaning declines due to cutbacks, commercial enterprises’ demand has pushed the cleaning industry to its limits to create healthier environments. This industry’s growth during the pandemic highlights the importance of maintaining cleanliness, which is essential not only for good health but also the economy’s growth. The importance of sanitation and hygiene awareness is critical in keeping us safe and boosting the cleaning industry’s growth.